SME Information Systems Consulting

Our work in IT Consulting is a totally personalized service! We believe that each case is different and our goal is to solve problems!

Hiring dispersed services may seem like a financial advantage but in the future it will be an economic inconvenience.

If you centralize the troubleshooting of your System in a single Entity, it has clear advantages, if that Entity is credible.

We are 100% sure of our credibility. Our goal is not to sell anything, but to provide quality service at a fair price. We just advise and configure. The equipment we suggest will always be purchased by the customer at the location he deems most appropriate.

What and how we do it?

  • Evaluate the components of the System - Analyze equipment, information flows and people. Support / perform System reconfiguration or reconversion if necessary;
  • Adapt the Hardware to the Company's activity - We evaluate the existing equipment. We take advantage of the components and buy only what you need. We define the need for new acquisitions. We research the necessary components from a quality / price perspective. We build each computer according to the real needs of use;
  • Analyze Network and Security - Review network topology and security policies. Define the physical structure and establish the logical structure (addresses of each host, MAC blocks, etc.). Test the structure using the simulation software. If necessary, define the equipment to buy. Connect all components, configure and test;
  • Perform security audit - Analyze security suites for all computers (hosts). Analyze network security. Analyze electrical safety. And, very importantly, define / structure a Backups Policy.