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Ensuring control and information security

The fact that a security suite is installed on a computer does not make the computer secure. The Firewall monitors the entry and exit of traffic based on predetermined rules, blocking or allowing traffic according to rules. For example, if the user opens an attachment to an email that was sent by a friend, he may inadvertently install a "Trojan horse" on the computer that "destroys" as firewall settings, allowing unauthorized access. The same applies to malware. As long as the Trojan horse does not replicate, a malware infection can affect a network and consequently all devices connected to it. Combining, having good safety equipment without rules of use, makes the system unsafe!

As previously demonstrated, a security system is made up of rules of use and control devices. The lack of a part will affect the whole, that is, the system is incomplete. These rules are usually called "Security Policies", which will be more or less complex depending on the size of the Company. Systems security encompasses the physical and logical part. Establishing security rules is a simple and smart attitude. Examples of security policies:

Logical Security:

  • Install security suites on all computers. The user must not have access to the configuration which must be protected with a password;
  • Block access to websites that are unsafe or that the Company defines, for example, there are Companies that completely block the Internet to certain users;
  • Define password policies, for example, passwords must have certain characters (configurable in OS);
  • Very important - Define data backup policies. A low-cost way to have two backup systems the computers work with RAID (first backup) or install a NAS system with automatic backups at certain times
  • etc, etc. ...

Physical Security:

  • All devices must be connected to sockets with surge protection;
  • Critical devices (servers, NAS, network equipment) must be connected to UPS;
  • Existence of suitable extinguishers;
  • etc., etc. ...

If you need advice to increase the security of your system, contact us and expose your problem. Together, we may find a solution for:

  • Security Audit;
  • Implementation of security policies;
  • Physical and Logical Security;
  • Safety equipment;
  • Reorganization and Management of Security Systems.