Information Technology Consulting to SMEs

Information Systems

Facilitate access to relevant and concise information!

A System is a set of interconnected components that work together to pursue a common goal. In a computer-based system, the main components of the System are the equipment and the people who interact with it. The failure of some management systems is not due to hardware or software problems, but to people. And in this case, those responsible are not the people who interact with the system, but who implements and controls them!

Does your system not achieve its objectives? Is not obtaining information reliable? You may need to reformulate the system! If you need advice and someone to coordinate the whole process, contact us and expose your problem. Together, we may find a solution for:

  • Systems Audit;
  • System analysis, with extensive consultation with users;
  • Analysis of documentary procedures and circuits;
  • Emphasis on the analysis of the accounting parameterization (general, analytical and budgetary), as it is the source of much of the operational information;
  • Systems Reorganization and Parameterization.